Dr. Asif Ekbal

Associate Professor
Room No-410, Block-3
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
IIT Patna
Phone: +91-6115-233-8090 (Office) & +91-8521274830 (Mobile)
Email: asif@iitp.ac.in & asif.ekbal@gmail.com

Current Updates

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PhD. Students

I have been fortunate to have excellent students with me. Their dedication have been exemplary.

Serial No. Name Status Area of Research Additional Details
1 Utpal Kr. Sikdar Completed Information Extraction Data Scientist, IBS Software
2 Abhay Kumar Alok Completed Clustering, Optimization Data Science Manager, Phenom People
3 Shad Akhtar Completed Sentiment and Emotion Analysis in the NLP domain Dialog Management, and Multimodal Analysis Assistant Professor at IIIT-Delhi
4 Shweta Yadav Completed Biomedical Text Mining Postdoc, National Library of Medicine, USA
5 Debajyoti Banik Completed Machine Translation Faculty, KIIT
6 Sukanta Sen Completed Machine Translation Postdoc, Edinburgh University
7 Deepak Gupta Completed Question Answering Systems Postdoc, National Library of Medicine, USA
8 Sabysachi Kamila Completed Temporal Information Processing Postdoc, Edinburgh University
9 Tirthankar Ghosal Completed Artificial Intelligence in Peer Review Researcher, Charles University, Prague
10 Mauzama Firdaus Completed Empathetic dialogue systems Postdoc, University of Alberta, Canada
11 Kamal Kumar Gupta Pursuing Machine Translation
12 Soumitra Ghosh Pursuing Emotion and Sentiment Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
13 Zishan Ahmad Pursuing Knowledge grounded dialogue systems
14 Dushyant Singh Chauhan Pursuing Multimodal Sentiment and Emotion Prime Minister's Fellowship Awardee
15 Deeksha Varshney Pursuing Knowledge grounded dialogue systems
16 Rina Kumari Pursuing Misinformation detection
17 Divya Kumari Pursuing Machine Translation
18 Kshitij Mishra Pursuing Natural Language Processing Prime Minister Research Fellowship Awardee
19 Arindam Chatterjee Pursuing Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning Wipro Sponsored