Dr. Asif Ekbal

Associate Professor
Room No-410, Block-3
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
IIT Patna
Phone: +91-6115-233-8090 (Office) & +91-8521274830 (Mobile)
Email: asif@iitp.ac.in & asif.ekbal@gmail.com

Current Updates

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M.Tech Students

I have been fortunate to have excellent students with me. Any omission is purely due to oversight.

Serial No. Name Year Area of Research Additional Details
1 Prerna Prem 2021 Unknown Intent Detection using Multi-Objective Optimization on Deep Learning Classifiers 
2 Aseem Arora 2021 Investigating Multimodal Aspect based Sentiment Analysis
3 Sandeep Kumar 2021 Artificial Intelligence Assisted Dataset Discovery and Review Analysis of Scientific public
4 Nidhi Thakur 2020 Aspect-aware Response Generation for Multimodal Dialogue System 
5 Pranati Behera 2020 Sentiment Analysis Of Memes
6 Sekhar Suman 2020 Fine-grained Emotion Recognition in Suicide Notes
7 Suyash Sangwan 2019 Assessing the Challenges of Multimodal Sentiment, Emotion and Sarcasm Detection  Director Silver Medal, Best MTech Thesis
8 Arjun Roy 2019 Fake News Detection  DAAD Fellow
9 Swati Suman 2019 Hierarchical Deep Neural Multimodal Network with Question-Type Segregation Module to Enhance
10 Soumyajit Saha 2019 Event Extraction in Disaster Domain for Low-resource Languages 
11 Kumar Shikhar Deep 2019 A Computational Approach to Detect Emotions and Sentiments in Affective Language
12 Ankit Kumar 2019 Multitask and Multilingual Models For Spoken Language Understanding
13 Deepshikha 2018 Machine Learning Approaches for Hate Speech and Offensive Language Detection
14 Harsimran Bedi 2018 Approximating Aggregate Product Review Scores from Heterogeneous Web Sources    DAAD Fellow
15 Surabhi Kumari 2018 Multi-faceted Question-Answering 
16 Dhanachandra Ningthoujam 2018 Data-driven based Dependency Parser for clinical text and its application in c
17 Kingshuk Basak 2018 Textual Entailment and its Application in News Title-Body Consistency Detection and Fake
18 Vikram Singh 2017 Rumor Detection in Social Media 
19 Nilamadhava Mohapatra 2017 Time and Corpus Aware Entity Recommendation Director Silver Medal, DAAD Fellow, Best MTech Thesis
20 Dipawesh Pawar 2016 Building Tempo-HindiWordNet: A Resource for Temporal information access
21 Vartika Tiwari 2016 Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Email Classification Director Silver Medal
23 Ritesh Prasad 2015 Aspect Analysis of Product Reviews
24 Ambarish Kumar Jadav 2015 Evolutionary Optimization and Unsupervised Lexical Acquisition for Bio-text Mining  Director Silver Medal & DAAD Fellow
25 Satyam Tiwari 2015 Supervised Machine learning Approach for Disease Mention Recognition 
26 Md. Arif Khan 2015 Twitter Mining using Machine Learning Optimization DAAD Fellow
27 Deepak Gupta 2015 Supervised Approach for Aspect based Sentiment Analysis and Query Word Labelling Chairmans' Gold Medal and Directors' Silver Medal
28 K Ravikumar 2014 Multi-Objective  Optimization for Clustering of Medical Publications
29 Govind 2014 Multiobjective Optimization and Unsupervised Lexical Acquisition for Named Entity Recognition and Chairmans' Gold Medal, Director Silver Medal and DAAD Fellow
30 Dhruv Gupta 2014 Carbon Dating for Information Retrieval Best MTech Thesis Awardee